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      • Do you really need to protect your income?
        We naturally protect a lot of things (cars, houses, possessions, pets) but often forget about the most important thing of all that funds the things we love in life – and that’s our regular income.

        Use this budget planner to make a note of your monthly outgoings.

        Mortgage repaym

      • Time is running out to use your ISA allowance. Use it or Lose it!
        Did you know that every tax year you have the opportunity to invest in stocks, shares and funds through an Individual Savings Account (ISA)?

        And did you know that, unlike other forms of investment, with an ISA you won’t pay income or capital gains tax on any growth? *

        This t

      • Major changes will be introduced to Income Tax and Pensions as from 6th April 2011
        Most of the changes below will take effect from 6th April 2011:

        - Both employer and employee NI contribution rates will increase by 1%.

        - The personal tax allowance will increase to £7,475 but only for those whose earnings are below £100,000.

        - Higher rate tax of 4

      • The Latest update on National Employment Savings Trust (NEST)
        From October 2012 UK employers must automatically enrol employees into a ‘qualifying workplace pension scheme’. This auto enrolment could be to your existing company pension scheme if it meets certain criteria. If it does not meet the criteria or if you do not operate a company pension scheme then y

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