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      • Do you qualify for an enhanced/impaired life annuity?
        Many people are surprised at just how many conditions, either medical (such as diabetes or high blood pressure) or lifestyle (such as smoking) could qualify for an income over and above a standard rate annuity.

        An estimated 55%-65% of people could have conditions that might qualify them

      • Its time to review your investments and pensions!
        If you are considering retiring within the next few years you should review the funds that your pension funds is invested in to see whether any changes are necessary.

        People who are approaching the point when they take benefits from their pension plans may wish to avoid the risk of any sh

      • Don’t pay more tax than you have to… make use of your ISA allowance
        It is very rare that the Government provides something which shelters your money from tax – but an Individual Savings Account (ISA) is one of those things. Introduced in 1999, it has now become the primary savings vehicle, with more than 17 million people – about 1 in every three adults – now owni

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