Directors & Officers Insurance

Without cover you could lose EVERYTHING!

This may affect all members of your committee and especially yourself being responsible for legal appearance, on behalf of the club, may we ask that this page be shown at your next meeting.

You and the members of the committee give your time and expertise to the club normally on a voluntary basis without payment. Generally the club should  indemnify you against  legal and regulatory action but in certain circumstances you as an  individual may be called upon up to the amount of your personal assets, especially if the club has insufficient funds, in the event of the committee or members being proved negligent or in breach of legislation.

Although many situations will be catered for by existing insurance arrangements not all eventualities are insured as has been seen by a rugby club allegedly causing a major crash on the M5. It is not possible to mention all possibilities in our brief note but a couple of scenarios are given.

The member responsible for insurance overlooks a policy warranty thereby a claim for injury to a number of members and damage to property is not insured. The amount of the claim exceeds the club assets.
A letter is sent to a member who alleges discrimination/defamation. The legal costs of possible action may be substantial.

Plans are laid for an extension to club premises and not properly followed through leading to major over running of cost estimates etc leading to possible bankruptcy of the club.

More examples can be found here: D & O Claims Examples

Historically the cost of this insurance was beyond most clubs budget. Having arranged a special scheme with W.R.Berkley Insurance (Europe) Ltd security rated A+ (S+P) we believe it now becomes more affordable. In broad terms a club with an average membership of 250 will pay just over a £1 per member for those members to protect the club and their committee. This is for the basic cover and serious consideration should be given for higher limits.

If you would like to proceed with what we consider a very important part of your clubs protection as long as all boxes in proposal are answered no simply return the form completed together with your cheque payable to Jewell & Co for the appropriate premium and your certificate will follow within 14 days

Click here for proposal form: D & O Sports Clubs Proposal Form

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of our proposals do not hesitate to make contact with our office and we will be pleased to discuss further.


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