Stakeholder Pension Plan

What is a Stakeholder Pension?

Stakeholder pensions were introduced in April 2001 by the Government in order to encourage more people to save for retirement.

They are a type of low-charge pension with limited investment options.

Key Features of a Stakeholder Pension

Stakeholder pensions must satisfy a number of minimum government standards to ensure that they offer value for money and flexibility. These standards include:

Is it the right option for you?

If you feel that this is the right option for you and you are willing to accept a restricted fund choice in order to benefit from the low charges then contact us to obtain an illustration.

If, however, you are looking for a low cost pension but would like to have more control and flexibility over where you can invest, you may want to consider a low-cost Personal Pension Plan or a Self Invested Personal Pension.

It is extremely important to choose a pension that allows access to funds with good performance as this can have a significant impact on the value of your pension over the years.

Pension Fund of

Growth Rate

Fund Value after 20 Years







As the example above illustrates a growth rate difference of just 2% results in a difference in fund value of 60,819!


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