Public Liability in General

Public liability insurance arises out of civil law and the resultant rules by which we live. If these rules are broken, through breaches of common law, contract or statute, and someone suffers injury or property damage as a result, they will want some form of compensation. Public liability insurance covers the legal liability arising from this compensation claim.

As businesses owe a duty of care at law to third parties, they will incur a liability from owning or occupying the premises from which they run their business. This is becoming more important with the increase in legislative requirements. In the majority of cases, this liability will arise due to the common law tort of negligence.

Public Liability - work away.

General public liability insurance, irrespective of whether it covers work away, will provide cover to the organisation against whom compensation is being claimed, to meet their legal liability for damages in respect of accidental injury and accidental loss of or damage to property, i.e. it provides cover to the party who will have to pay the legal bill and not the person who is injured or whose property is damaged.

In most cases this will be an organisation but could equally be individual directors, managers or employees.

A limit of liability per event is usually applied.


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